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Keeping track of SEO improvements

How Hall’s Consulting has helped businesses improve with tailor-made marketing strategies.

Client Challenge

Local business web presence, social media content and SEO

Smart home installers

Residential and Commercial IT Services – Tennessee

The client needed to develop an online presence in order to establish branding and a marketing strategy. Services offered include home and business networking, cabling and home automation. All of these are local services with a several neighboring cities.

The idea was to establish this presence through company websites explaining the list of services tailored for each audience for funneling inquiries as well as a social media presence for the residential services.

Goals to Date

  • Created an optimized website for the residential business
  • Created an optimized website for the commercial business
  • Created a content strategy for the residential business website
  • Created a growing online presence through Instagram through content creation and account interaction
  • Keyword research for dominating local SEO

Client Challenge

Local business web presence, social media content and SEO


Digital Marketing Research to Repair Ecommerce Website Strategy

The client already had two unsuccessful attempts into running ecommerce websites within the automobile niche. The root cause of their issues turned out to be spreading themselves too thin with the too many product lines which in turn required a huge overhead. They wanted a third attempt but this time basing it on data driven decision making.

The job involved identifying highly sought after products for today’s market based on keyword research and competitor analysis. Finding missing products from their identified competitors with a high profit margin while also being in high demand lead to crafting a smaller list of products that are also much easier to rank a new website for.

Goals to Date

  • Product research
  • Keyword research based around the more sought after products
  • Competitor analysis for carving a better SEO strategy
  • Providing insight into different ecommerce solutions with their pros and cons for connecting to their distributor and managing client lists for CRM integration

Client Challenge

Local business web presence, social media content strategy, email marketing, affiliate program and ecommerce optimizations


Digital Marketing Strategy for a Newly Acquired Business

The client has recently bought a nightclub that also had its own ecommerce website and social media properties. Due to policy updates with Google Ads the online store took a massive hit to sales previously brought in almost exclusively from their Google Ads campaigns.

The nightclub was also gaining traction too slowly after the end of the pandemic.

Google Ads and Google Merchant Center

First, the Google Ads problem was assessed and resolved by bringing all campaigns into alignment with the new ad policies. New ad copy was written with better calls to action and the budget was revised. There was also a problem with the Google Merchant Center and its inventory which was also resolved.

Google My Business

For the nightclub the associated Google My Business page was updated for their new location. It was difficult getting approval via postcard as the company is outside of the US and with Google being understaffed during the pandemic. By tracking down the right parties I was able to coordinate a videoconference with a Google rep to confirm the new business location and have their listing confirmed.

The GMB page was them updated with new copy and photos. A plan was made for contacting clients on a weekly basis in order to get new reviews. Google activated the messaging feature for GMB and the client was kept reminded of when new messages came in from potential clients to maintain good communication. This lead to higher customer engagement with visitors to the GMB page asking for directions, specials and even just thanking them for their great service.

Content Strategy and Web Design

A content strategy strategy was made for created higher user engagement on Instagram and Facebook. Templates were designed for Facebook events and check-ins to increase awareness of weekly events and increase interest in visiting. This also lead to higher user engagement on Facebook Messenger.

A custom events web page was created for documenting monthly event themes. This helped to explain the theme of the events in order to reduce repeat questions on their messaging channels while also generating more interest.

Redesigned all pages of their Shopify website based on experience as well as basing on data received from heatmap reports. This was done in order to improve user engagement and sales, which worked.

In order to help increase sale for the ecommerce store an affiliate network program was created along with a landing page and onboarding process for new affiliates. The client was trained on the usage of these new tools and given documentation. A QR code strategy was also created for partnering with other physical stores to offer their product line in more locations.

Email Marketing

Email marketing strategies were outlined for the client and templates were provided for each. These covered outreach to shoppers, discount offers, partnership outreach and more.

Goals to Date

  • Keyword research
  • Optimized Google Ads Campaigns are repaired problems with Google Merchant Center account.
  • Redesigned Shopify website
  • Competitor analysis for carving a better SEO strategy
  • Created landing pages based on their offerings
  • Optimized product display pages
  • Designed and implemented an affiliate program and onboarding
  • Email marketing strategies with email copy for each
  • Optimized Google My Business profile and increased user engagement
  • Optimized Facebook company page and increased user engagement