Partnership Program

Partnerships for Online Marketing and Web Development

SEO Partnerships

Digital marketing consultant available for partners with agencies, print shops, designers

If you want to help, your clients to continue their customer journey with you then you’re in the right place. Hall’s Consulting teams up with print shops, agencies and designers to deliver continued marketing.

Help your clients to expand their branding and capture new leads.

If you are ready for an online marketing partnership then let’s talk!

Building the Best SEO Partnerships

Who are online marketing partnerships for?

Print Shops

Provide continued services for clients in your local area. We specialize in local SEO.


Developers, retain clients for longer contracts. Continued optimizations and marketing.

Marketing Agencies

We handle overflow work for other agencies to help you focus on your priorities.

Partnership Services Available

The search engine marketing services for partnership program has packages that get real results. Track metrics on a monthly basis for each client for reporting. For SEO and PPC clients this means more targeted traffic and more leads.

Partnership SEO Services

  • Local SEO and Google Business Page management
  • Generalized SEO (international campaigns)
  • Keyword research and competitor research
  • Optimized article creation
  • Backlink outreach

Partnership PPC Services

  • Google Ads Management
  • Ad creation, landing pages, conversion tracking

Development and Content Creation

  • Web design: business websites, landing pages
  • Graphic design: online content and print media

The Partnership Process

“I’m interested! What happens now?”


The onboarding process begins, with a consultation and some information about your needs and clients’ needs we can get started processing your account.


We will quickly review your work requests and provide a quote for the work. For standardized projects we offer flat rates.

Work Begins!

Once we get everything we need we can begin work on your clients’ projects. Invoices are sent directly to the client and deliver your commission afterwards.

Questions About Becoming a Partner

If you are interested in partnering with us please click the partnership button and fill out the form to get started. Your application will be reviewed quickly and we will get in touch within 1-2 business days.

Yes! We know that you are busy running your business and don’t always have time to write about it. We provide article writing for your website as well as content for your social media channels.

For outsourcing completely, once we have an agreement with you the work is handled directly between us and the clients. You will receive a commission for the lifetime of the client! Receive completely passive income for referrals.

For agencies that need assistance with overflow are services are offered white label style to allow you to manage your own clients as you would normally.

The business will be assessed for content style, target audience and language. We provide written and graphics content and can provide you with a consistent content schedule to cover your social media channels.

We provide you with reports on a regular basis to track goals. Watch as you meet and surpass each milestone on the road to marketing success. Get more reviews, more check-ins, more traffic and most importantly more leads!

Both SEO and paid ads are beneficial to any company looking to grow their online presence. Which strategy you decide to focus on depends on your business needs. SEO can be slow going but benefits you for a very long time. Paid ads (PPC) require continuous funding but it is a more aggressive approach that can land you leads a lot faster. Its effectiveness also depends on your monthly budget and how competitive your niche is. Both SEO and PPC should be used to meet certain milestones.

Of course! We can audit your existing website for ways to improve your on-site SEO. That means improving the technical side of things to make your website faster, better language to target the best keywords for your brand and making sure that it there are no other problems preventing clients from finding your website.

During this process we also create a roadmap for digital marketing to get you more traffic and leads.

Contact us right away to discuss your goals. We will also audit your current online properties and create a roadmap for you.

What clients say about Hall’s Consulting West Palm Beach SEO company

Helping clients throughout the U.S. and outside to rank websites and improve their PPC campaigns.

I am very happy with our new website. Everyone seems to love it.

Robert B.

I love the website! It’s exactly the type of design I wanted for my business. It has a very classic feel.


Thanks for the articles. These are very good quality and just the type of writing that we need for our landing pages.

Business Owner

Thank you for fixing our Google Ads campaigns. I hope you know that we want you to handle all of our online marketing.

Business Owner