Google Ads Grant for Nonprofits

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Learn how to your organization can get involved in the Google Ads Grant program.

The marketing sphere has changed drastically in recent years, with Google Ads being at the forefront of the platforms driving the transformation. It’s no secret that Google Ads is one of the most efficient and effective methods of paid digital advertising. Google Ads provides a platform for nonprofits to reach any person using Google to search for information, services, and products online.

When used correctly, Google Ads can bring in a huge number of individuals looking for exactly what your organization offers. Google Ads for nonprofits gives your organization a way to put the organization’s message above the Google search results to get more attention. Google Ad Grants help nonprofits advance their missions, promote themselves, and share their causes with the world. They can help raise awareness, recruit new volunteers, attract donors and provide advertising solutions for nonprofits of all shapes and sizes. With Google Ad Grants, an organization can receive $10,000 monthly in in-kind AdWords which translates to a daily budget of $329. So, if you do not have a Google Ads Grant account for your nonprofit organization, or you’re not using it to its full potential, you ought to consider leveraging this invaluable platform.

Google Ads for nonprofits

When you see a great ad for an organization’s landing page rank as the first, second, or third search result on Google search, chances are high that it’s not simply because of good SEO. The organization most likely has used a Google Ads campaign. With Google Ads, you pay to have a Google Ad for your organization or business displayed to users looking for relevant terms on Google Maps and Search. Therefore, Google Ads is a crucial online marketing tool for many organizations and businesses looking to gain meaningful ad copy for their target audience. You can pay only for the actual and measurable results like business calls and website clicks. This is referred to pay-per-click (PPC) campaign.

Ad Quality

The Google Ad Grants program offers free Google AdWords advertising on the Google search results page to eligible nonprofit organizations. Research shows that Ad Grants were extremely of a lower quality compared to the paid standards ads. However, a quality filter on Ad Grants can help do the trick by keeping the quality of Ad Grants in line with the required standard quality, so your organization can enjoy a great product experience and free advertising. So how does this affect your ads? The quality filter works with the quality level of the standards in the region you’re showing your ads. This means that if your ads of inferior quality, the quality filter will prevent these ads from taking part in the auction, regardless of how high you raise your bid.

Benefits of Google Ad Grants for a Nonprofit Organization

Google Ad Grants allow organizations to leverage the full benefits of digital marketing. They show your ads to the right people, at the right time, and in the right place. Google ads provide numerous benefits, but here are the main ones:

Target your Ads

Unlike other digital marketing methods, Google Ad Grants help target the right people. By doing this, you get the ability to display your ads to reach potential clients with specific interests. These are individuals interested in your services and products, showing them the relevant ads. To make your campaigns even more targeted, below are several choices that you have:

  • Keywords: These are phrases or words that apply to your services and products used to display your ads when clients search for these terms or visit websites.
  • Age, location, and language: select the age, language, and geographical location of your targeted clients.
  • Ad location: display your ads on websites and Google search results pages that are part of the Google Display and Search Networks.
  • Devices: Your campaign can appear on all types of devices, and you can specify the devices that your ads will appear on and when.

Measure Your Ad Success

With this method, you’ll know when someone clicks your ad. You can track when they click your ad and do something valuable to your organization like signing up, donating, purchasing a product, or phoned in an order. You’ll be able to see which ads get more clicks than others and this can guide you on where to invest in your campaign to boost returns on your investment. In addition, you can use analytical tools to understand your clients’ or donors’ habits how long, for example, they spend to research your services and products before buying.

Manage Your Ad Campaigns

Google Ad Grants provides you with tools that can help you easily monitor and manage your campaigns. If you’re managing several Google Ads accounts, you can use My Client Center (MCC) manager account to save time. This tool allows you to view and manage all your Google Ads accounts from one location. You can manage your accounts offline using Google Ads Editor which is a free and downloadable desktop app that gives you the option to quickly and efficiently change your account. You can use it to download your account information and edit the campaigns offline. You’ll then upload these changes to Google Ads.

With Google Ad Grants, an eligible organization can receive $10,000 monthly in in-kind AdWords which translates to a daily budget of $329. This advertisement is to:

  • Track online donations, volunteer registrations, newsletter sign-ups, and more to see what’s working and what’s not.
  • Raise awareness by selecting relevant keywords and developing unique ads to show your work.
  • Promote the organization’s website on Google.

Eligibility Criteria for the Google Ad Grant

For your organization to be eligible for the Google Ad Grants program, it needs to meet the following requirements:

  • Have a functioning website with enough nonprofit material and details
  • Acknowledge and agree to the application’s needed certifications regarding donation receipt, nondiscrimination, and use
  • Hold valid and current charity status, as determined by the country (For instance, in America, one must have a current 501© status.

These organizations are not eligible for Google Ad Grants:

  • Child care centers, universities, academic institutions, and schools
  • Hospitals and medical groups
  • Government entities and organizations

How to Apply for the Google Ads Grant

If you’re eligible, all you need is to follow these requirements to get your enrollment started:

  • Meet the Google Ad Grant eligibility requirements
  • Register the nonprofit with Techsoup and get a verification token
  • Sign up for Google for Nonprofits
  • Apply for the Google Ad Grant by using the Get Started Link and following the steps
  • Set up your Google Ads account correctly

Maintaining Your Google Ads Grant Account for your Nonprofit

To avoid losing your Google Grants eligibility you have to fulfill these requirements:

  • Account activity- Log in to your account at least monthly
  • All ads in the account must link to the nonprofit’s URL approved during the application process
  • Ad relevance and geo-targeting- Ads must reflect the vision and mission of your organization.
  • All proceeds must go back to the cause of the organization if you advertise products and merchandise
  • Ads must not point to pages that send visitors to other sites.
  • Ads must not provide financial products like credit cards or mortgages
  • Ads cannot be requesting for donations I form of large goods like boats, property, or cars.
  • The website must not show ads from Google AdSense or other affiliate marketing links

If your nonprofit violates any of these guidelines, Google can remove your Grant from the program.

Google Ad Grants are an ideal way for eligible nonprofit organizations to increase their online exposure every month. The additional advertising budget given can help attract new donors, volunteers, and increase the amount of brand recognition. This budget can also advertise your organization’s merchandise and products directly as long as the proceeds go to your cause. As long as the nonprofit can maintain eligibility and has an in-depth understanding of how to optimize Google Ad Grants campaigns, there’s no reason to pass on this Google program.