The Importance of Testimonials

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Let clients and donors know why they should trust your brand.

Having a good website helps you run your business efficiently. However, you can stay ahead of your competitors by improving it using testimonials. Most prospective buyers will look for social proof on social media before purchasing an item or service.

Thanks to strong testimonials onsite which provide reviews of your product or service, influencing potential customers to buy fast from you. You can boost your sales and brand loyalty through them. To learn more about the importance of testimonials on your website, read on.


Benefits of Testimonials for Your Website

Increase Sales

Did you know that regular use of customer testimonials can increase your revenue by 62%? There’s no doubt that most people now turn to their smart gadgets for product reviews before they purchase them.

Positive testimonials from your previous customers influence the prospective clients to trust your product or services. Thus, they see you as a reliable company and buy from you. The more visitors you get to your website, the more sales you are likely to make.

Secure More Donors and Volunteers

If you are running a non-profit organization, you need adequate funds and human resources to run it efficiently. Testimonials show how previous clients have benefited from your services, showing how you leave a positive impact in the community.

Social Proof

Testimonials display your customer base to the website visitors. Moreover, when your reviews are connected to high-profile people, it provides social proof concerning your company. The visitors see your product or service as legitimate and of high quality.

Implementing testimonials through WordPress plugins will boost your conversion rate. It will also increase your brand loyalty and provide feedback sources in the future. All these will boost your business growth.

Speeds Up the Purchasing Process

Envision this: a prospective client visits your site, sees a product or service but no testimonial. They are forced to go to other social media platforms to get reviews for your product or service. Thus, they take much time and may end up getting a different recommendation from other users.

You may lose the potential customer to another company; however, you can avoid this by having testimonials onsite. It shows how good your team of experts is and the satisfactory rate you offer. Thus, the visitors get adequate information and decide to buy immediately.

Shows How You Solve Client’s Problems

When most people have challenges, and they want them solved, they get online for help. If your website has testimonials that tell how your service or product solved a specific problem for a client, and the visitor relates with it, they will decide to try your company.

Hence, your testimonials should show potential customers you can solve their challenge or help them overcome it. They will trust you and therefore, buy your product or service even when they had not planned to.

Tips for Writing Strong Testimonials

Appropriate Length

Short testimonials show that the client was happy, but they don’t give enough information about your service or product. So, it is important where possible to request longer ones (from 30 to 50 words) that prove how the service or product benefited your clients. Look at these two examples:

“David did a great job in developing a site that meets my business needs. I’m happy to have worked with him.” – Faith Walley

“When I hired David, I gave him all the objectives I wanted to achieve. After he designed the site, I realized it resonated with my customers since it was super easy to use. He also made it appealing and easily accessible for phone users. This will help boost my business!” – Shirley Thompson

Be Authentic

Allow them to be as authentic as can be. Your customers will make the content sound real and candid.


Strong testimonials play a significant role in business growth. They help increase sales, attract volunteers and donors, and speed up the purchase process. They also offer social proof helping you increase your conversion rate and brand loyalty.