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Social Proof for Your Online Presence


Learn how to get your brand good exposure through testimonials and social media. The marketing landscape has tremendously changed over the recent years. From modern technologies to increased consumer skepticism, change is imminent. Consumer buying habits and effective marketing tactics…

8 Google Products For Your Organization


Free Google tools to give your website the boost it needs. Are you a website owner wondering how you can stay ahead of your competitors and connect with your clients? Google offers you numerous tools that are a click away.…

The Best Social Media to Use for Nonprofits


Focus on what is most effective for your nonprofit’s online presence. While it may seem challenging and overwhelming, the importance of social media marketing cannot be overstated. It’s so vital that over 97% of marketers use it as their primary…

The Importance of Testimonials

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Let clients and donors know why they should trust your brand. Having a good website helps you run your business efficiently. However, you can stay ahead of your competitors by improving it using testimonials. Most prospective buyers will look for…

Google Ads Grant for Nonprofits

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Learn how to your organization can get involved in the Google Ads Grant program. The marketing sphere has changed drastically in recent years, with Google Ads being at the forefront of the platforms driving the transformation. It’s no secret that…